The Vision

The Younghusband site is a collection of buildings centred on a Kensington woolstore built in 1906. Over the next five years, Impact Investment Group will rejuvenate the historic Younghusband precinct into a beautiful industrial village. 

We're intending to develop Younghusband in three stages between now and 2021. We’re starting by rejuvenating the iconic heritage red-brick woolstore - taking a light touch, restoring the existing fabric of bricks, steel and wood. We'll be upgrading the services, offices, shops, studios and suites, and opening up new communal indoor spaces. 


Our emphasis is always creating projects with the highest sustainability standards and Younghusband is no exception; we are aiming for a carbon, water and waste neutral site.  We will combine energy efficient heating and cooling systems, rainwater harvesting, greenery, productive community gardens, green travel plans, innovative water management systems and green leases. Our new builds will focus on Passivhaus principles, which means lower operational costs and greater health benefits for our tenants. A smart building system will provide live data streams and performance monitoring. Our plans see the woolstores filled with natural light filtered through the high sawtooth roof. We want to create an environment of beauty, creativity and energy.
We are committed to One Planet Living.

Beautiful Industrial Village

Architect's sketches of the long-term vision. - Woods Bagot.

Architect's sketches of the long-term vision. - Woods Bagot.

This multi-layered, diverse precinct will ultimately be spread across four warehouse levels and the two neighbouring properties. Younghusband will become a fully functioning village with an activated laneway, communal greenspace and high quality workspaces.

Bringing big visions into reality takes meticulous planning and a team of the best in the business. We're proud to be working with renowned architectural firm, Woods Bagot, and a coalition of experts on this exciting long term masterplan. Younghusband is set to become an iconic Melbourne precinct. 


Our commitment to one planet LIVING

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Younghusband is proud to be a Bioregional Australia Member. Bioregional is a non-profit organisation that champions a better, more sustainable way to live. Bioregional’s One  Planet  Living  is  the  vision  of  a  world  in  which   people  enjoy  happy,  healthy  lives  within  their  fair  share  of  the  earth’s  resources,  leaving  space  for wildlife  and  nature.   Bioregional’s One Planet framework comprises ten easy-to-grasp principles covering areas such as carbon, waste, transport, food and water and detailed Goals and Guidance. Together, these provide a clear, practical routemap to plan, deliver and communicate sustainable transformation. Learn more.