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Community engagement


We are committed to ongoing engagement with our neighbours and community as the Younghusband development progresses.

At each stage we will keep you updated on current activities related to planning and building works and highlight opportunities for you to get involved.

Firstly, thank you! We appreciate the involvement of the community to date. Your ideas and thoughts have informed the final master plan, which is now in place.

View the latest master plan here: 


What's happening now?


Younghusband is being developed in three stages between now and 2021 and we're currently in the first stage. Read on to learn more about the next steps. 

Stage 1 includes the rejuvenation of the heritage red-brick woolstore for use as offices, shops, studios and suites and new communal indoor spaces. We'll start this work once we have enough tenants pre-committed.

The City of Melbourne approved Stage 1 plans in January 2018. This enables us to proceed with the project and we are currently in the process of contracting a builder to begin early works.

The IIG team are also progressing with leasing out spaces within the Stage 1 area.


    Download the detailed map that describes what will happen in stage 1 of the project: 


    UPDATES on stage 1


    Want to hear the latest project news as it happens? 




    We recently held a series of community information sessions in April 2018 to discuss Stage 1 works. Thanks to all who attended. If you still have questions about Stage 1, please contact us by clicking 'get in touch' below. 

    Still have questions? Send us a message online.


    News archive

    IIG have been working with the community to progress the design and planning   for Younghusband since early 2017. This is what has happened so far and how the community has influenced our latest designs.