Precinct projects


We're proposing a change to traffic flow on Elizabeth St. We will be building a new community garden, and want your help naming the laneways!


Download the detailed map a detailed version of the above map: 


Elizabeth Street - PROPOSED road closure

The master plan proposes changes to traffic access on Elizabeth Street by closing road access at corner of Bruce and Elizabeth Street. This idea was raised through the community engagement process in mid-2017, and we were thrilled to include it in the master plan. We don't have full control over how this would work; it'll be a City of Melbourne decision via a seperate process from the Younghusband planning permits, but we're keen.

In our suggestion, all properties along Elizabeth Street will still retain vehicular access to their site, however car and truck travel from one end of the street to the other would no longer be possible. This is being proposed to separate heavy vehicular traffic associated with the Pinnacle Allied Mills operations from the Younghusband site (where access via walking and cycling is strongly encouraged). We’ve done a traffic study to assess current usage of Elizabeth Street and are confident that the benefits of this proposal outweigh potential impacts.

See below for a summary of the traffic study, and the longer, detailed report that will inform our final decision on road closures: 


Orchard & Community garden


There was strong support for establishing an orchard & community garden through community engagement on the master plan. We are delighted to include this as part of the Stage 1 works.

This will be located on the corner of Chelmsford and Eastwood Street on land between the railway line and Eastwood Street. We invite you to contribute your ideas for the garden design and how you would like to use this space.



Name our laneways*!


The master plan identifies opportunities to activate the site's laneways with new uses and improved pedestrian access. This includes the laneway between the railway line and Younghusband and the bluestone laneway between the two buildings of Stage 1. Both of our laneways have no name! We would like your help in coming up with a suitable name for each laneway that respects and celebrates the local history of the building and neighbourhood.

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