Name our laneways


You're invited to name our laneways*!

Two of our laneways have no name! Help us by suggesting you ideas. 

Name should:

  • Reflect the character and beauty of the building and the neighbourhood.

  • Honour the history of the Younghusband Woolstore.  

  • Have a story or deeper meaning behind them. 


1. Laneway between the railway line and the Younghusband Woolstore



2. The bluestone laneway that connects Elizabeth and Chelmsford Streets



How to make a suggestion*

Share the name and your reasons for suggesting it via one of the below channels. 

The submission period will be open from 9 April 2018. All suggestions will be considered by the project team and the new names will be announced on in the next few months. We'll email our list when that's done.  

*No Laney McLaneface or Woolly McWoolyface please!

Megan GirdlerParticipate