Frequently asked questions


Q. Is the school going ahead?

A. We discussed incorporating a secondary school during 2017 community engagement. We won’t proceed with a school in Stage 1 of the rejuvenation, and there are no plans for a school in Stage 2. That said, it’s still a possibility for the future and we are considering a range of uses for Stage 3, which are in line with the Arden Macaulay Structure Plan. 


Q. Are the concept design and plans for the new office building fixed?

A. No, however we have shared our preferred concept for the new building on site 4 which you see on this PDF. We have put a significant amount of time and thought into this design based on the feedback from the local community during our engagement process in 2017. 

We would like the community’s feedback on the proposed design, uses, and any other items we may not be aware of that enhance the overall design and local neighbourhood.

As per our discussion with the community in 2017, we are proposing a new eight-storey building on this part of the site which is the absolute limit in the Arden Macaulay Structure Plan. We are proposing that the super-structure of the building is built with a composite of timber and concrete, and will be designed with Passivhaus-principles – check out what Passivhaus means here.

If we are issued a planning permit for Stage 2, here building here is our targeted tenant mix:

  • Levels 1 to 7 – Universities, quasi-Government departments, corporates. 

  • Ground – Retail, food and beverage.

  • Lower Ground – Multi-purpose event venue (performances, conferencing, and music). 

During the 2017 community engagement, we indicated our intention to apply for a new eight-storey commercial building on this part of the site. It will help us pay for the less financially-commercial elements of the broader Younghusband Rejuvenation (i.e. Stage 1). 


Q. Will traffic increase due to early works?

A. Early works are not expected to generate any measurable increase in local traffic. In addition, the overall traffic consequences as a result of the development are expected to be insignificant. The traffic movements forecast on surrounding roads are generally lower than the current traffic generated by the site. Monitoring of existing conditions confirms that all intersections exhibit reasonable spare capacity and are capable of adequately satisfying the traffic demand generated by the development.


Q. What is the criteria for naming the laneways?

A. Names should:

  • Reflect the character and beauty of the building and the neighbourhood.

  • Honour the history of the Younghusband Woolstore.  

  • Have a story or deeper meaning behind them.

Full details about laneway naming are on this page


Q. What is the timing of the permit for Stage 2 and 3?

A. We are aiming to lodge a planning permit application for Stage 2 in mid-to-late 2018 once we have completed a comprehensive community engagement process.


Q. Will bicycles be allowed to travel down Elizabeth Street after the road closure?

A. Yes. The closure will only affect motorised vehicles. Pedestrians and bicycles will be allowed and encouraged to travel on Elizabeth Street. 


Q. How will the community garden be managed?

A. The community garden and fruit orchard will be co-managed by Impact Investment Group and the local community. We need your feedback on the appropriate management process and governance to manage this part of the precinct.


What is the timing of Stage 1?

A. We are aiming to commence an Early Works building package in August 2018, which will include roof repair and replacement, bluestone laneway repair, and establishment of the community garden and fruit orchard.


Q. What events are happening on the site and how are they managed?

A. We will only facilitate a limited number of “Impact Investment Group-sponsored events at the site between now and the end of 2019. These will be similar to the International Women’s Day event hosted by the Kensington Women’s Network and the Good Karma Launch.

Most of the events that are facilitated at the site are hosted by our existing tenants. All events that require permits are managed directly between our tenants and the Council.


Q. What is the multi-purpose venue in Stage 2?

A. We are proposing to build a 1,500sqm multi-purpose venue in the Lower Ground section of the new Stage 2 building. We appreciate that Melbourne, and Arden-Macaulay, is in dire need of these larger flexible spaces.

It will be flexible and have floor-to-ceiling heights of 5m to allow for roof-rigging and staging. We suggest the types of uses in this space could be performances, conferences, music events, larger one-off events. Importantly, given it is largely underground, the acoustics of the venue will be well-managed.