Stage 1 early works


Stage 1 includes the rejuvenation of the woolstore for use as offices, shops, studios and suites and new communal indoor spaces. In the coming months, assuming we have sufficient tenant pre-commitments, we'll be starting early works to repair to the roof and bluestone laneway.  


Download the detailed map a detailed version of the above map: 


Roof repairs

The first priority in the rejuvenation of the heritage buildings is the repair of the existing roof structure. This will involve re-sheeting and insulation as needed to upgrade to current building standards. The heritage structure that supports the roof will be restored. These are works that have been approved as part of the Stage 1 and are essential to enabling the future use of the buildings. 



Bluestone laneway repairs


The bluestone laneway is an important historical feature of the site and will remain. It is currently in poor condition and the uneven surface makes it difficult for people of all mobilities to access the woolstore buildings. To improve access and safety we will be lifting and then relaying the current bluestone pavers to create a more even surface. This will be done in a way that still retains the rustic feel and charm of the existing laneway.

The roof and laneway repairs will take about 3-4 months. We will introduce the builder to you in the coming weeks so that we can discuss together how to minimise the impact that construction will have on the local community. This will include the opportunity to discuss laydown areas, truck access, parking, noise impacts and other issues that need to be addressed through the construction management plan that will be prepared by the builder for the site.

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