City of Melbourne Planning Decision

On Tuesday night, the City of Melbourne moved closer to granting a permit for the first stage of Younghusband’s rejuvenation. It’s not yet a done deal, because there’s time for appeals, but we’re thrilled with the milestone anyway.
We really would like to thank everyone who’s helped us refine our plans, who’s listened to us talk about the project, and who’s been in touch with the Council through the process. If anything, we’re even more excited about Younghusband than we were about a year ago, when we bought the property.
If you want to delve into the weeds of the planning decision, here are the details:
At the City of Melbourne Council meeting on Tuesday 12 December 2017, the Councillors resolved to issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit for our Stage 1 Planning Application for the proposed rejuvenation of the Properties.
Here’s a link to the Application (TP-2017-606) can be accessed from the Council’s website here.

Potential Appeals
We received three objections to the Planning Application. Although we have been proactive in our relationship with these objectors, we believe remains  that the Notice of Decision will be referred to the Victorian Civil Appeals Tribunal (or VCAT).
If the Notice of Decision is appealed at VCAT, and the Notice of Decision is upheld, we would expect a Stage 1 Planning Permit to be issued by the end of July 2018.
If the Notice of Decision is not appealed to VCAT, which we think is unlikely, we would expect to be granted a Stage 1 Planning Permit to be issued in early January 2018.
What is included in the Notice of Decision?
Council resolved to adopt all recommendations from the Planning Officer’s Delegate Report, with the following land uses:


The Notice of Decision also includes that these works be done (again, assuming the Application clears VCAT):

  • Preservation and/or restoration of heritage elements of the Properties which includes replacement of the damaged roof, replacement and/or repair of all windows, and repointing of the existing brickwork façade;
  • Creation of publicly accessible spaces including restoration of the iconic bluestone laneway through the site, and upgrade of the old railway siding to create a pedestrian boulevard from Kensington Railway Station to Younghusband. This siding upgrade will create memorable views and greater connection for commuters on the Craigieburn Line;
  • Upgrade of all mechanical services (including fire systems and disability access);
  • Implementation of significant sustainability upgrades to the properties; and
  • Creation of an internal Town Square and various voids in the building to distribute natural light for our tenants and visitors;
  • Implementation of all traffic, parking and green transport measures outlined in our planning application.

The Council also moved the following motion:
“That Council…Separately, notes the commitment of City of Melbourne traffic engineers to undertake an independent review of the local road network with regard to current and future traffic management needs and the diversity of industrial residential and commercial road users in the area.”

Fergus Pitt