The Sydney Morning Herald: Younghusband seeks tenants for Kensington urban regeneration project

Impact Investment Group has launched a $50 million regeneration of its 15,000 square metre Younghusband office project precinct in Kensington.

Impact, a $1 billion fund focused on investment in sustainable development and social policies, is looking for new corporate tenants for the historic warehouses.

But they will be sharing the new space with some of the old tenants - artists, co-warehousing collectives and artisans - who moved in over the past 10 years.

The project is in the vanguard of the massive Arden-Macaulay redevelopment plan which will transform the inner north- west. While the bulk of the Arden-Macaulay precinct is zoned Mixed Use, the area around the Younghusband project is zoned Commercial 2.

Impact Investment’s development manager James Fitzgerald said: “That’s good for us. It keeps values low and helps us to attract a diversity of tenants.

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PressAmalia Ridwan